Keyboard Shortcuts for Android Apps on Windows 11 – Windows Subsystem for Android Tricks

Do you know what makes Windows 11 more exciting especially for Android and Windows users? It is the Windows subsystem for Android. Windows 11 gives the support of Android Apps on PC through the Windows subsystem for Android, a brand new feature of the latest OS.

Well, we can tap on touchscreen Android smartphones, but this option is not for Windows computers. Most of the Windows computers don’t have a touch screen. We need to use the keyboard and mouse for the various functions. As you are using Android on Windows Laptop, obviously you should also enjoy the keyboard shortcuts for Android too.

Keyboard Shortcuts for Android Apps

Well, Windows 11 Subsystem for Android also offers many useful shortcuts for controlling Android various functions. We are going to guide how to activate keyboard Shortcuts for Android Apps on Windows 11.

How to Activate Keyboard Shortcuts in Windows 11 Subsystem for Android

Here, the Screen Reader for Windows Subsystem comes in this scenario. You can summon the Screen Reader if and when necessary. When you invoke the screen reader on Windows 11, you will be able to use the shortcuts meant for apps running in Windows Subsystem for Android.

This can’t be performed directly. Users can’t use the shortcuts assigned to Windows while running WSA. The middle source is compulsory and that is the Screen reader. To run Screen reader on Windows 11 you have to follow the below sequence.

Press the Windows key+Ctrl+T shortcut on your keyboard to turn on the Screen Reader for Windows Subsystem for Android. You will receive an audio clue every time you summon the screen reader.

If you want to turn off the Screen Reader on Windows repeat the operation again that you used for turning it ON.

list of Shortcuts for Android in-App Navigation on Windows 11

Here is the list of shortcuts that can be used on Windows 11 for In-App Navigation of Android. Just take of Screen reader and all these shortcuts are under your command.

Action Performed Keyboard Shortcut
Back Alt+Backspace
Navigate to the next item (In continuous reading, this shortcut fast forwards the text) Alt+Right arrow
Navigate to the item above AltUp arrow
Navigate to the item below Alt+Down arrow
Navigate to the first item Alt+Ctrl+Left arrow
Navigate to the last item Alt+Ctrl+Right arrow
Navigate to the next word Alt+Shift+Ctrl+Right arrow
Navigate to the previous word Alt+Shift+Ctrl+Left arrow
Navigate to the next character Alt+Shift+Right arrow
Navigate to the previous character Alt+Shift+Left arrow
Select the focused element Alt+Enter
Select and hold the focused element Alt+Shift+Enter
Read from top Alt+Ctrl+Enter
Read from next item Alt+Ctrl+Shift+Enter

list of Shortcuts for Android Webpage Navigation on Windows 11

The Windows 11 Screen Reader will also activate the keyboard shortcuts in a web view of any app.

Note Only work in a web view element of the app. You can’t use these shortcuts to interact with any other element.

Action Performed Keyboard Shortcut
Next Button Alt+B
Previous Button Alt+Shift+B
Next Checkbox Alt+X
Previous Checkbox Alt+Shift+X
Next Combo bo Alt+Z
Previous Combo box Alt+Shift+Z
Next Ctrl Alt+C
Previous Ctrl Alt+Shift+C
Next Editable field Alt+E
Next Focus item Alt+F
Previous Focus item Alt+Shift+F
Next Graphic Alt+G
Previous Graphic Alt+Shift+G
Next Heading Alt+H
Previous Heading Alt+Shift+H
Next Heading level (H1-H6) Alt+(1-6)
Previous Heading level (H1-H6) Alt+Shift+(1-6)
Next Link Alt+L
Previous Link Alt+Shift+L
Next List item Alt+O
Previous List item Alt+Shift+O
Next Table Alt+T
Previous Table Alt+Shift+T
Next ARIA landmark Alt+D
Previous ARIA landmark Alt+Shift+D

These are all the shortcuts that you can use on Windows Subsystem for Android for in-App and in-web navigation.

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