Fix: Windows 11 Snap Layouts Not Working [2021 Tutorial]

Snap Layouts is the newest feature only introduced in Windows 11. Such a facility can be enabled simply by pressing the Win + Z keys simultaneously. Certainly, various users have complained about being unable to fully benefit from it. So here, I will deliver solutions to fix the Windows 11 Snap Layouts Not Working issue. You can read the following section to locate the right troubleshooting method.

How Do I Fix Windows 11 Snap Layouts Not Working?

Here are the five different troubleshooting workarounds to fix Snap Layouts Not Working in Windows 11 error. As users have complained about different scenarios where Snap Layouts start to respond laggy and the apps start to overlap with each other. In that case, users can use the Alt + Tab keys to remove the confusion. Else, perform the following methods to bypass this error.

1. Examine App Compatibility

Some older applications don’t work correctly with Snap Layouts. So if you are facing trouble with a specific app, you need to check whether that application is fully compatible with this facility or not. However, if the application isn’t compatible, you should update it to its latest version.Snap Layouts Not Working in Windows 11

For instance, if you are using Firefox browser, you need to customize the browser’s toolbar and enable the Title bar toggle. Afterward, it will start to work perfectly with the Snap Layouts feature in Windows 11. Do similar customizations with other applications to fix this issue.

2. Re-Enable Windows 11 Snap Layouts

A simple re-enabling of the facility can also be beneficial. Because it may work in your favor and Windows OS starts to respond correctly with the requested service. All you have to do is disable such a service from the settings tab and re-enable it after a couple of seconds.

  • Launch Windows 11 Settings.
  • Navigate to System >> Multitasking.
  • Disable and re-enable the Snap Layouts toggle.Enable Windows 11 Snap Layouts
  • Afterward, check if resolves the Windows 11 Snap Layouts Not Working error.

3. Use Shortcut Keys

After pressing the shortcut key (Win + Z) to enable Snap Layouts, you should use the arrow keys to customize the location of your application. And, if such a trick works perfectly for you, simply reboot your computer. Because this error is caused because this facility isn’t getting the right amount of resources and a system reboot can help it get the required privileges.

4. Customize Snap Layouts

Many users are unaware of the allowed customizations of Snap Layouts in Windows 11. Several selections are made by default, to help users make the most out of Windows 11. Though, certain facilities or selected customizations can be problematic, which you can disable if you want to.Windows 11 Snap Layouts Not Working

To begin, open Windows 11 Settings and navigate to System >> Multitasking. Now click on the arrow icon placed beside the Snap Layouts toggle to expand the respective tab. Now here’s the tricky part, try disabling one facility at a time and keep checking Snap Layout functionality after it.

5. Turn On Using Registry Editor

Windows 11 Registry Editor can help you force start Snap Layouts. Because its access is only provided to Administrators. However, it’s a little tricky to benefit from this built-in utility. A user has to go under certain criteria to customize the Windows registry for his benefit.

  • Pree Win + R keys from your keyboard.
  • Type Regedit inside the Run box and press Enter.
  • Navigate to the following path:
    • Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced
  • On the right-pane, right-click on the empty space and click on New >> DWORD (32-bit) Value.
  • Assign the “EnableSnapAssistFlyout” name to the newly created key.
  • Double-click on that key and change its value to “1” and click on the Ok button.Snap Layouts Not Working
  • Restart your computer to imply the previously made changes.

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