Fix: Windows 11 Night Light Not Working [2021 Tutorial]

Night Light was first introduced in Windows 10. Because of its health benefits for bloggers and readers, Microsoft has decided to keep the same facility in the latest Windows 11 build. Though, some users are unable to fully benefit from its services, because of numerous lags. So I have decided to discuss the fixes that would help such users with the Windows 11 Night Light Not Working issue. So they can keep their eyesight protected while using a computer.

How Do I Fix Windows 11 Night Light Not Working?

Individuals are required to perform certain tweaks to fix Night Light Not Working in Windows 11. Because this trouble may have been caused due to faulty appearance customizations, HDR settings, or outdated device drivers. By considering such cases, I have drafted various solutions to assist you in resolving this issue.

1. Enable Night Light Properly

First of all, you should check whether Night Light is properly enabled or not. And in case it is enabled properly, you should re-enable it. After enabling this facility, the OS will be forced to enable the required resources from the beginning. So this trick might you in resolving the error.

  • Launch Windows 11 Settings and navigate to the “System” >> “Display” tab.
  • Disable the toggle of Night Light.Enable Night Light in Windows 11
  • Now re-enable the same toggle to restart its services.

2. Schedule Night Light

In case of Night Light is disabled automatically by Windows 11, you should consider scheduling it, according to your requirements. You can select any time of your convenience so that Windows OS isn’t left with the option of force closing it.

  • Open the Settings window.
  • Navigate to System >> Display >> Night Light
  • With the Schedule Night Light toggle enabled, select the Set Hours bullet.Schedule Night Light in Windows 11
  • Now select your preferred hours from the respective sections.

3. Turn Off HDR

The purpose of HDR (High Dynamic Range) is to help users increase the default display settings. Such customizations can work great for users who wish to benefit from the high brightness and contrast level while watching movies. But it can also affect badly on Night Light, so you need to ensure that HDR is disabled while you are trying to launch Night Light.

  • From Windows 11 Settings, navigate to System >> Display.
  • Click on the HDR tab from the right pane.
  • Turn off the Play Streaming HDR video toggle.Night Light Not Working in Windows 11
  • Afterward, check if it resolves the Windows 11 Night Light Not Working issue.

4. Update Graphics Drivers

The outdated device drivers can sometimes be very problematic, so for your best interest, ensure that your device drivers are updated to the latest version. You can get some dedicated programs to keep them updated, but it can also be done manually. If you are ok with performing such a task manually, read the following instructions.

  • Launch Device Manager from the start menu.
  • Click on the “Display Adapters” tab to expand it.
  • Right-click on the installed graphics card and select the Update Driver option.Windows 11 Night Light Not Working
  • On the next window, click on Search automatically for drivers.
  • Once the drivers are installed, restart your PC.

5. Reset Night Light

As a last resort, you can reset Night Light services from the Windows Registry Editor. You need to log in from an account with administrative privileges to perform this tweak. Because one way to reset such services is by deleting their respective key files. So do read the presented steps carefully and only perform the recommended tweaks.

  • Launch Registry Editor using the start menu.
  • Go to the following path:
    • Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\CloudStore\Store\DefaultAccount\Cloud
  • Right-click on the following file and select the Delete option:
    • $ Night Light in Windows 11
  • Confirm your action and once the file is deleted, reboot your computer.

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