Fix: Windows 11 Keyboard Backlight Not Working [2021]

Even with the latest stable build of Windows 11, users have to face numerous errors. And, Windows 11 Keyboard Backlight Not Working is just one of the errors from a huge list. Even if this issue is quite irritating, it can be solved. So in the following section, I will discuss some fixes to help users get rid of this error once and for all.

How Do I Fix Windows 11 Keyboard Backlight Not Working?

It’s never a bother to try out simple customizations to fix issues like Keyboard Backlight Not Working on Windows 11. Because the problem resides within the software that supports the Illumination or the hardware that sends requests to the supported software. To resolve the issue in both cases, I deliver some solutions to bypass this issue. But before moving forward, do restart your computer, to check if that simple trick helps you resolve the issue or not.

1. Use Keyboard Shortcut

Try enabling the backlight using the keyboard shortcuts. Normally, such shortcut icons are printed on the functional keys, so users can enable them with the combination with Fn keys. So before heading towards any lengthy procedures to enable such a facility manually, you should check out for a keyboard shortcut.

2. Enable Keyboard Backlight from Control Panel

Sometimes the Windows Settings are unable to deliver a quick response to the asked services. In that case, users can benefit from other utilities like the control panel to turn on the facilities. To use the control panel, users can use any Windows account, with or without administrative privileges.

  • Launch the Control Panel from the Start menu.
  • Navigate to Hardware & Sound >> Windows Mobility Center.Enable Keyboard Backlight
  • Swipe the keyboard backlighting bar to the right to enable it.

3. Turn On Keyboard Illumination from BIOS

In case you are unable to turn on the keyboard backlight from the Control Panel, you should try enabling it from BIOS. This trick will ensure that the facility is properly enabled and doesn’t get blocked after Windows 11 boot. However, you need to enter the BIOS menu to enable it.

  • From the startup interface of your computer, press the ESC key.
  • After getting the boot options, press the F10 key.
  • Once inside the BIOS, navigate to System Configuration.
  • Select Keyboard Illumination and enable it.Enable Keyboard Illumination
  • Save changes and restart your PC.

4. Uninstall Third-Party Program

If you have installed any third-party program to manipulate the activities of the keyboard backlight, you should uninstall it. Because programs from unknown sources can mess with the default services of your system, so you need to remove them as soon as you encounter any trouble. To do so, navigate to Windows Settings >> Apps. Now, select and remove the third-party program from the listed applications.

5. Downgrade Windows Build

In case you have recently installed Windows 11 update and started encountering this error, you should uninstall the update, and downgrade to an older version. At least, stay with the older version, until you encounter another Windows 11 build.

  • Launch Windows 11 Settings and navigate to Windows Update.
  • Click on the Update History tab from the right pane.
  • Under Related Settings, click on Uninstall Updates.Windows 11 Keyboard Backlight Not Working
  • On the next window, select the problematic update and click on the Uninstall button.

6. Examine your Hardware

Now that you have implied all the tricks from the software side, you should now consider checking the hardware. To do that, connect your same keyboard with a different computer, so it could show the results of the backlight. And if you are using a laptop, connect an external keyboard with backlight support to it. Afterward, perform the action depending upon the results you get from a hardware check.

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