Top 6 Ways to Fix Windows 11 Battery Drain Issue

Windows 11 consumes lots of resources of your system, resulting in, users having to face errors like battery draining quickly. The desktop device owners are ok for now, but the Laptop owners think of it as a burden that’s hard to bear. So here, I have decided to deliver the top 6 ways to fix Windows 11 Battery Drain issue that can be quite helpful, especially for laptops.

List of Ways to Fix Windows 11 Battery Drain Problem

Various solutions can be implied to fix the Battery Draining Quickly issue on Windows 11. Because such a problem is mostly caused when the power consumption is more than you have bargained for. In that case, you have the option of performing methods that are also resourceful in improving the performance of your Windows PC.

1. Customize Display Settings

Display settings optimization can help you a lot in regaining the battery health of your computer. Because increased brightness can be a huge cause of battery consumption. So you need to reduce the brightness level of your system, so it could consume a lesser amount of battery while processing.

  • Launch Windows 11 Settings.
  • Navigate to System >> Display.Windows 11 Battery Drain
  • Now, decrease the brightness bar.

2. Turn On Battery Saver

One of the easiest ways to save battery is to enable the Battery Saver mode. Such a facility can be enabled directly from the system tray, by navigating to the notification bar. Afterward, turn on the Battery Saver mode to reduce the number of resources. Users can also enable such a facility from the Settings window.

  • Launch Windows Settings and go to the System tab.
  • Select the Power section and click on the Battery Saver button.

3. Optimize Video Playback

Windows 11 provides the opportunity of enabling video playback for better resolution. But such a facility consumes lots of battery juice and while you are watching media on your computer, there’s an increase in battery consumption. So you need to avoid enabling such facilities by enabling the services that don’t affect the battery health.

  • From Windows 11 Settings, go to Apps >> Video Playback.
  • Select “Optimize for Battery Life” for battery options.Windows 11 Battery Drain
  • Ensure that the following checkboxes are selected:
    • Don’t automatically process the video when on battery
    • Play the video at a lower resolution when on battery
  • Now, from the Settings >> Display tab, go to HDR.
  • Again choose “Optimize for Battery Life” from battery options.

4. Tweak Power Plan

If enabling Battery Saver isn’t of any assistance, you need to configure your Power Plan depending upon your needs. You can also make certain customizations in the multimedia settings, so while you are playing videos or watching movies, you get a better battery result.

  • Launch Control Panel and navigate to the System and Security tab.
  • Open Power Options and click on the Change Plan Settings link (placed beside the Balanced tab).
  • Click on Change advanced power settings.
  • Expand the Multimedia tab.
  • Select Video Quality Bias on Battery for video playback.
  • Choose Optimize Power Saving for When Play Videos.
  • Click on the Apply >> Ok buttons.

5. Customize Refresh Rate

You may be unaware of the fact that Windows 11 refreshes the display from time to time. This facility is enabled by default and you can’t disable it. But you can customize it for better battery performance.

  • From Windows 11 Settings, go to System >> Advanced Display.Windows 11 Battery Drain
  • Select Dynamic as refresh rate.

6. Configure Background Processes

Some applications keep running in the background, no matter if you have closed them from the user end. Now that you can’t close them, but you can optimize them to gain better battery health.

  • Open Windows 11 Settings.
  • Go to Apps >> Apps & Features.
  • Click on the three-dotted icon placed beside the unwanted apps and select Advanced Options.
  • Under “Background apps permission”, select the Power optimized (recommended) option.
  • Do the same for all the unwanted apps.

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