How to Reset FireStick to Factory Settings – 2021

Want to learn the method to Reset FireStick to Factory Settings? Maybe you are facing some issues with your FireStick device or the performance of the device is slower than ever. Whatever may be the case, here I have explained multiple methods to Reset FireStick, and the said methods will work on Amazon FireStick 2nd Generation, FireStick 3rd generation, FireStick 4K, Fire TV Cube, and FireStick Lite.

The method to reset FireStick is very easy and the user only has to follow a few steps to do it. Moreover, resetting means that you are restoring your devices to the factory settings. (The software and storage will return to the original state when it was opened for the first time after purchase). Your FireStick device will then feel like a brand new device in usability.

Why do I have to reset FireStick?

FireStick is an amazing streaming device, however, if you use a lot of addons, or if the memory f the device is full then it may slow down, start lagging, or run into problems. In some situations, resetting is the only solution to fix your FireStick device. Here are some of the reasons, explaining why you need to reset a FireStick device.

1) Low Storage

FireStick has a limited storage option which is one of its biggest flaws. FireStick and FireStick 4k come with 8GB of storage. Fire TV Cube comes with a better storage option that is 16Gb of storage. Moreover, at least 30 % of the storage is consumed with OS and system-related files.

Even if you uninstall apps from your device to free up storage, the residual files will keep occupying the space. So a point will come, where you won’t be able to figure out how you can free up storage. So the only way left for you is to factory reset your device.

2) Unreliable Performance

If your FireStick is slowing down then, you might restart your device or reboot it. However, the performance may stay the same because restarting does not resolve this issue. If your device is continuing to slow down its performance and the restarting is not doing great for you, then the only option left for you is to reset your FireStick device.

3) FireStick Stuck On Screen

If your FireStick is unresponsive and keeps sticking on the screen. Even if you have tried to restart it or unplug it to restart it. However, this issue can not be resolved easily, so the only thing left for you is to restore your device to the factory settings so it can work like it was designed to work.

How Can I Reset FireStick to Factory Settings

There are two methods to Reset FireStick to Factory Settings. Here I will explain both methods so you can understand them with ease.

1) From FireStick Settings

The menu option on your FireStick device contains a lot of options for customizing or personalizing the FireStick device. One of those options is for resetting the FireStick device. Here is how you can access the Resetting option from the FireStick Settings.

  • Open the home screen of your FireStick device and click on the Settings option located at the top center of the screen.

Reset FireStick to Factory Settings

  • Once the settings menu is open scroll to the right until you see the My Fire TV option, open it.

Reset FireStick to Factory Settings

  • Here you will see two options 1) Restart and 2) Reset to Factory defaults.

Reset FireStick to Factory Settings

  • Select the second option i.e. Reset to Factory defaults.
  • You devise you ask for permission. You can permit it by clicking on the Reset option on the pop-up banner.

Reset FireStick to Factory Settings

The resetting will consume 2 to 5 minutes, so make sure that you don’t disturb the device and the plug is not disturbed until the resetting process is completed.

2) Reset Using A Firestick Remote

You can also use the Firestick remote to reset your Firestick device. the method is explained below. However, if your Firestick device is stuck on a screen and you can not navigate to the settings menu, then you can follow this method to easily Reset FireStick to Factory Settings.

  • Pick up the Firestick remote now press and hold the right button on the navigation ring and the back button simultaneously.
  • Keep holding these buttons for at least 10 to 12 seconds (In some cases, more time is also consumed)
  • A Reset notification will pop up on the screen, now select the reset option to confirm.

Reset FireStick to Factory Settings

This is how you can Reset FireStick to Factory Settings with Firestick Remote.

What to do after Resetting FireStick to Factory Settings?

Once you have reset your Firestick device to the factory setting, there is no method to go back. The only thing left for you is to configure your Firestick device again, just like you did when you first got eth Firestick device. Again install your favorite addons, and stream content with high performance and without a lag.

This article was all regarding Reset FireStick to Factory Settings. This is all Thank You for your time.

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