Fix: Mobile Hotspot Not Working in Windows 11 [2021 Tutorial]

With the huge development of the Windows Subsystem for Android, it seems like Microsoft is providing convenience to smartphone users. However, many users have complained about being unable to connect their mobile hotspot to Windows 11 PC. So here, I have decided to deliver solutions to help users Fix Mobile Hotspot Not Working in Windows 11. So that users can also benefit from the option of connecting their Android and iPhone devices with Windows PC.

How Do I Fix Mobile Hotspot Not Working in Windows 11?

Individuals may encounter several connectivity issues on Windows 11. Bieng unable to benefit from the Mobile hotspot is just one of the many glitches. In that case, users have the option of implying the tricks that will help them connect their mobile hotspot to Windows 11, without having to access any third-party services.

1. Re-Enable Airplane Mode

Sometimes the OS resources aren’t working to their full potential. In that case, a simple restart can be quite handy in accessing the built-in services smoothly. So while you are facing trouble with the Mobile Hotspot in Windows 11, you can re-enable the Airplane Mode, to check if just restarting the services can be of convenience or not. You can disable the Airplane Mode from the system tray and re-enable it after several seconds. Examine if it resolves the issue for you or not.Mobile Hotspot Not Connecting

2. Reset Network

Some third-party applications mess with your system settings. Especially, the third-party apps that require internet access, maybe a cause of your unknown network customizations. So you should reset your network settings to default to get rid of the connectivity issues caused on Windows 11.

  • Launch Windows 11 Settings.
  • Navigate to Network & Internet >> Advanced network settings.
  • Under More Settings, click on the Network reset tab.
  • Afterward, click on the Reset Now button to set the network settings to default.Mobile Hotspot Not Working in Windows 11

3. Customize Hotspot Band (Android)

Your smartphone allows you to tweak the hotspot band from 2.4 GHz to 5.0 GHz. On older devices, 2.4 GHz is still preferred as the AP Band. But in the newer Android devices, 5.0 GHz is selected by default. Though, some devices are not compatible with the 5.0 GHz band. So for now, you should also change your AP Band to bypass any network compatibility issues.

  • Launch the Settings app on Android.
  • Navigate to the Hotspot and Tethering section.
  • Tap on the AP Band option and ensure that 2.4 GHz is selected.

4. Bypass iPhone Hotspot Glitches

Some individuals also face the Hotspot issue on iPhones. They create a hotspot and the other device is connected, but there’s no network sharing. In that case, users have the implement various methods on their iOS devices, so they can clear the glitches that are blocking them to connect with Windows 11 PC.

  1. Restart your iPhone.
  2. Turn on the “Allow Other Devices to Join” facility.
  3. Reset Network
  4. Update iOS Version.
  5. Ensure that iPhone is near Windows PC.

5. Update Associated Drivers

Regarding connectivity issues, encountered on Windows 11, individuals should take care of the associated drivers. In that case, they should update their network drivers. So their modem/routers don’t have to bypass any compatibility issues. The following steps indicate the proper way of updating network drivers on Windows 11.

  • Launch Device Manager from the start menu.
  • Expand the Network Adapters tab to get the list of network hardware.
  • Right-click on the connected network device and select the Update Driver option.Mobile Hotspot Not Connecting to Windows 11
  • Select the “Search automatically for drivers” option on the next window.
  • Wait until the process of driver update is completed.
  • Now restart your computer to benefit from the implied changes.

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