Windows 11 and 10: What is Minecraft Launcher and How to Download

Our main topic is guiding people on how to download Minecraft Launcher for Windows 11. We will take the help of screenshots to understand the procedure in a better way.

We Don’t think that it needs to introduce Minecraft to any game lover or any game player. We all already know how giant Minecraft is! The best 2D Arcade game world has ever seen. Mojang covered a long journey to make this game a global hit. You know the game is great when it’s established many people’s careers, which makes the streamer famous. Years of legacy and years more to come. It’s time to merge the 2 legends with each other. Today, we are going to talk about Minecraft Launcher and Windows 11.

Minecraft Launcher is basically a suite o can say a hub for Minecraft all versions that are launched for players to date. You can switch to the different versions of the game from the left panel of the Minecraft Launcher, you can also say Minecraft Switcher. Users can Minecraft Launcher makes Minecraft (Bedrock Edition), Minecraft: Java Edition, and Minecraft Dungeons from a single location.

How to Download Minecraft Launcher on Windows 11

Getting Minecraft Launcher on Windows 11 is not rocket science. It’s similar to getting the Minecraft Launcher for Windows 10. All you need is to visit the Microsoft Store, search for Minecraft Launcher.

You’ll get the option to install the Minecraft Launcher  if you have an Xbox Game Pass. Users who don’t have pass will get two options ‘Included with Game Pass’ and ‘Get from Xbox App’.

Minecraft Launcher on Windows 11

Click the ‘Included with Game Pass’ button If you want to buy the Xbox Game Pass, c.

Minecraft Launcher on Windows 11

You will reach on the Microsoft Store page where you can purchase the game Pass. After that you will navigate to the Minecraft Launcher page and click the ‘Install’ button.

If you own a version of Minecraft independently of the Xbox Game Pass, click the ‘Get from Xbox App’ button. Even if you don’t own Minecraft, you’ll be able to install the Minecraft Launcher. But you’ll need either the Game Pass or game ownership to be able to play.

It’ll redirect you to the Xbox app. If you don’t have the app, Microsoft will first install and set up the app for you.

Then, before you can install the Minecraft Launcher, see if the game needs you to install any additional components. You want to look out for a banner near the top of the window. Click the ‘Install’ button to proceed.

Minecraft Launcher on Windows 11

Finally, on the Xbox listing page for Minecraft Launcher, skip the ‘Play with Game Pass’ button and go over to the ‘Get’ (Free) button.

Minecraft Launcher on Windows 11

If you don’t see it, make sure that you have ‘Minecraft Launcher’ selected from the drop-down menu for ‘Choose Edition’.

Minecraft Launcher on Windows 11

It’ll ask for your permission to install the app; click ‘Get’ to proceed.

Minecraft Launcher on Windows 11

After that, the app should start downloading on its own. You can go to the library and see the download progress. If not, an ‘Install’ button for Minecraft Launcher will appear; click it to get the app.

Minecraft Launcher on Windows 11

Now, when you launch the app, you can log in with your Mojang or Microsoft account and you’ll be able to play the Minecraft games that you own.

With Minecraft Launcher, the company hopes that people will see how serious they are regarding PC as a platform for gamers. The app is sure to make the whole process of playing Minecraft on PC

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