Fix: Live Captions Not Working on Chrome [2022]

Google keeps working on providing convenience into the user experience. They introduced the Live Caption facility in Chrome, to help users stay productive while browsing the internet. However, there have been reports from users who are irritated by Live Captions Not Working on Chrome, so if you are a victim of this problem, consult with the following section.

How Do I Fix Live Captions Not Working on Chrome?

Various reasons are needed to be considered before fixing Live Captions Not Working on Chrome. Because this issue can be triggered by a single fault or corruption in the browser’s files. So by considering the possibilities that can lead to this error, I present a couple of workarounds to bypass it.

1. Turn On Live Captions

Before performing any customizations with the web browser, make sure that you have enabled Live Caption on Chrome. Because sometimes the facility gets disabled by itself due to malfunctioning, it would be better to check whether the facility is enabled or disabled from the settings.

  • On Chrome, use the URL bar to navigate to chrome://flags
  • Use the available search bar to locate Live Caption
  • Click on the drop-down menu and select the “Enabled” option from it.Turn On Live Caption
  • Now, click on the “Relaunch” button.

2. Clear Browser Data

Some websites’ cookies and saved data can be problematic and lead to this problem. So there’s no harm in clearing the browsing data unless you are uncomfortable with clearing the browsing history. And yes, this action would clear all the browsing data of the Chrome browser.

  • While Chrome is launched, press the Ctrl + Shift + Del keys together.
  • You can uncheck the saved password and sign-in boxes.Clear Chrome Data
  • Click on the Clear Data button and confirm your action.

3. Uninstall Chrome Extensions

Various third-party Chrome extensions cross the resources required to run Live Captions. So if you recently installed any third-party extension, it’s time for you to remove it. Because it may be causing corruption within the browser’s files while interrupting Chrome to launch Live Caption.

  • From Chrome’s URL bar, navigate to chrome://extensions
  • Click on the Remove button, presented at the bottom of an extension.Live Captions Not Working on Chrome
  • After removing extensions, relaunch Chrome.

4. Remove Temp Files

If you are using Chrome on Windows PC, you should also try clearing the temporary files. For that, you need to clear the local and system temp files, so that all the unwanted files are removed from the system. Because some junk files are present in such folder destinations that can interrupt the browser’s services.

  • Press Win + R keys to launch the Run box.
  • Type “Temp” within the box and press Enter.
  • Delete all the files from the temp folder destination.Remove Temp Files
  • Now, again launch the Run box and execute the %temp% command from it.
  • Select all files and delete them.
  • Reboot your PC and launch Chrome to check for resolutions.

5. End Unwanted Tasks

You may not be aware of the fact, at a single time, various Chrome resources are working in the background, depending upon the number of launched tabs. So it’s the duty of a user to keep the unwanted tabs closed and end the processes that are no longer of any assistance.

  • Right-click on the taskbar and select the “Task Manager” utility.
  • Inside the Processes section, expand the Google Chrome tab.
  • Select the unwanted process and click on the End Task button.Close Chrome Tasks
  • Do the same for all the unwanted processes.

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