Kodi Not Working – Five Easy Ways to Resolve

Is Kodi not working on your device?  Kodi is a streaming platform but sometimes users face issues with it. If your Kodi Not Working properly then, there might be something that went wrong. In this guide to fix Kodi, I have mentioned the top five fixes with the top five most common problems, that users face on a Kodi system.

Common Workarounds That You should Perform Whenever You Face Any Issues On Kodi System

Whenever you are facing any issues with your Kodi system, then here are the first things that you do. These few tricks will resolve some small issues and make your Kodi system perform as it should. Here are some of the tricks that will save your time and energy.

1- If there is a minor Graphical Glitch or if your Kodi device is experiencing network connection problems. Then you should just restart your Kodi System. To restart Kodi, click on the back button when asked if you want to exit, then click on Exit. Now wait for at least 60 seconds and then open Kodi on your system. The issue should be resolved.

2- If the above method does not work then, you should move to this step. In this method, you have to restart the system on which Kodi is installed. Moreover, with this method, you can also resolve software issues on the Kodi system. A simple reboot of the device and all small issues are resolved.

Advanced Method To Resolve Kodi Issues

If the above methods do not work, then it is time to move to some advanced method. These advanced methods are also for solving small issues on the Kodi system. Furthermore, we will move to the proper methods to resolve Kodi Not Working problems after explaining their advanced methods.

3- If you are facing problems with a specific Kodi Add-on and the performance of that specific Add-on is not good enough. Then you should try to update the Add-on to the latest version. The old versions of Add-ons on Kodi are mostly slow and the latest versions are much more stable and bug-free.

Top Five Kodi Issues & Solutions Relating To Kodi Not Working Properly

Here are the top five reasons and solutions to fix Kodi Not Working issue. The instructions provided will help you in performing the tasks quickly and easily.

1) Kodi System Crashing or Bugged

If your Kodi system is crashing or if you are feeling bugs in the Kodi system, then you should check the version of your Kodi system. If you are running an old version of Kodi then you should first update your Kodi system. Here is how you can check the version of Kodi.

From Kodi home go to the Settings menu, here scroll down and go to the System Information option.

A window will open containing all of the information. Look at the bottom of the screen to see the Version information. 17.6 is the latest version of Kodi if you are running any previous version then, you should update your Kodi system.

Kodi Not Working

2) Kodi Is Slow

A common problem with Kodi is that after some time it becomes slow and sometimes struggles to perform. If this is happening on your Kodi system, then it means that there are too many Add-ons or repositories installed on the system. Most Add-ons and repositories on Kodi update themselves automatically whenever the user opens Kodi.

Moreover, if you have hundreds of Kodi Add-ons or repositories then, hundreds of background operations will run. These operations will obviously slow down your Kodi system. By removing these Add-ons and repositories, you can speed up your Kodi to its original performance state.

A) Delete Add-ons

Here is how you can delete Add-ons on Kodi.

  • Open Add-ons > Click on open box icon > My Add-ons > All.

Kodi Not Working

  • A list of all Add-ons will be displayed.
  • Right-click on the add-ons and press the C Key.
  • Click on Information > then Uninstall Button.

This is how you can delete Add-ons on Kodi.

B) Delete Repositories

Here is how you can delete Repositories on Kodi.

  • Goto Add-ons > My Add-ons > Add-on Repositories.
  • A list will appear, right-click on the Repositories and press the C key.
  • Now click on Information> Uninstall.

Kodi Not Working

This is how you can delete Repositories on Kodi.

C) Delete Sources

Here is how you can delete Sources on Kodi.

  • Home screen > Settings > File Manager.
  • Here locate the Sources that you want to remove and right-click on them and press the C Key.
  • A small menu will open, Click Remove Source > Yes.

Kodi Not Working

This is how you can delete Sources on Kodi.

3) Full Hard Drive Memory

If your Kodi is installed on limited hard drive storage like Firestick or if you have less storage remaining on your PC or mobile device. Then you might run into problems quicker than ever. The best way to overcome this situation is by cleaning the Cache and Thumbnail from your Kodi system. To remove Cache and Thumbnail, you have to use another Add-on known as indigo toolKit.

4) Build Stop Working

Kodi Builds are popular among new users as they provide a bundle of pre-configured Kodi systems. These builds have new skins, changed settings, and installed add-ons. These builds provide a quick and easy way to use the Kodi system. In this case, you have to rely on the creator of the build to keep it updated. If the creator of the build does not maintain it or perform updates. Then you will start facing issues.

Some creators of Kodi Builds provide manual update options, that you can use to manually update the add-ons on the Kodi build which can resolve your issue. However, if the is no manual update option, then you have to delete the entire built and create your own Kodi setup from the start.

5) Factory Reset

Tried every fix that you know about, and all the fixes provided in this article? If Yes! then this is the last option that you should consider. Kodi Not Working issue can now only be resolved by performing a Factory Reset. This will set the Kodi system to the factory setting and the performance will be restored to the original. Now perform a complete Factory Reset and Kodi Not Working issues will be resolved.

Kodi Not Working

This is all, thank you for your time.

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