How to Install the Nefarious Kodi Build

Install the Nefarious Kodi Build on your system and enjoy instant streaming with just a single click. Nefarious Kodi Build is one of the most popular Kodi builds out there. This build contains everything you need to start streaming your favorite content within a matter of minutes.

About Kodi

Kodi is an open-source media center that comes with many customization features and provides the best streaming services in the world. Kodi works and improves its performance depending on the installed extensions. If you want to change the feel or the looks of the Kodi, then try different extensions, and you will find the best one for your system.

Do you want to overhaul the complete Kodi system, just to make it different from the stock version? If Yes! then, find the perfect extension, add-on, or Kodi build to do so. Adding Kodi extension or using Kodi builds are completely safe and secure, just like the complete Kodi system.

Install the Nefarious Kodi Build

What Are Kodi Builds?

Most Kodi users only use the Kodi extension and Add-ons to add features, stream data, and change the appearance of the Kodi system. However, most users don’t know that they can use different Kodi builds to add hundreds of add-ons and extensions instantly to their Kodi system.

The Kodi builds are created by different users and Kodi professionals. They create a specific build that contains different types of Kodi streaming add-ons and much more depending on the build. With Kodi builds you don’t have to locate different add0ons or extensions, the build comes with a good collection of streaming add-ons.

These add-ons are automatically installed with the Kodi build. This makes it easy for the user and they can easily access different Kodi add-ons without going through the installation method of every Kodi extension separately. Moreover, finding a good Kodi build is hard, because the market is completely filled with broken links or outdated Kodi builds.

About Nefarious Kodi Build

The Nefarious Build is reliable and a premium Kodi build. This build contains a lot of Kodi streaming add-ons and some of the best Kodi appearances. Moreover, Nefarious is a multi-purpose Kodi build, that contains a huge catalog of TV shows, Movies, Seasons, News, and much more.

The interface offered by this build is very modern and high-tech. Most users love the interface of the Nefarious Kodi builds which is very easy to use. With just a single click you can open any category of movies and even without buffering, you can start watching your favorite show.

View all of the content offered by Nefarious build, in HD quality. Moreover, users can also access a select section, where all of the content is selected by the Nefarious community. Share your favorite show or movie with other people in the Nefarious community and see the content added by other users. The Kodi community is run by all of the users using the Nefarious build on their Kodi system.

Install the Nefarious Kodi Build

What To Do Before You Install Nefarious Kodi Build

The installation methods of Kodi Add-ons, Extensions, and Builds are very easy and straightforward. However, you have to be careful or else you can lose your data, or you might not be able to install the build. So, for this reason, I am explaining some steps, that you can follow to protect your data and to quickly install the build.

  1. The first thing you have to do is to enable external installation on your Kodi system. You can easily do it from the settings menu. Just look for unknown resources options and enable it. This will allow your Kodi device to install external Kodi Add-ons, Extensions, and Builds.
  2. The second thing to do is to create a backup of your Kodi system. By installing a Kodi build, all of your data will be moved from one place to another place. So, always be prepared by creating a backup of your data. In case anything wrong happens, you will be able to quickly resolve the issue by using the newly created backup.

Note: The installation of Kodi builds is safe and secure. However, due to unknown reasons, some users face issues. So follow the above steps to make sure that nothing wrong happens with your Kodi system.

Install the Nefarious Kodi Build

How To Install The Nefarious Kodi Build

To Install the Nefarious Kodi Build, you have to follow the same method that you use to install other builds on Kodi. There are a lot of steps to perform this task, however, the steps are easy and every user can easily follow them. So, without taking any more time, here is what you need to do.

1) Install the One Alliance Reborn Wizard

The installation of One Alliance Reborn Wizard is a multi-step process. Carefully follow the steps explained below for installing One Alliance Reborn Wizard.

  • Open Kodi on the device where you want to install the One Alliance Reborn Wizard.
  • Click on the Gear icon, then go to File Manager > Add Sources.
  • Enter the following URL in the text box:
  • Enter an easy name of the repo like “onealliance“.
  • Now click Ok to add the repo to the source.
  • Open the main home screen of Kodi and visit the Add-ons section.
  • Click on the Open Box icon at the top of the screen.
  • Select Install from the Zip file and then select the repo that you have renamed earlier in the method.
  • Scroll down and locate the “” file, open it and click on the Install button.

Install the Nefarious Kodi Build

Now return to the home screen of Kodi.

2) Install the Nefarious Build From the Wizard

Once you have installed the repo and the wizard. Then you are already to Install the Nefarious Kodi Build. Here is how you can do it.

  • From the home screen of Kodi open Add-ons > Program Add-ons > One Alliance Reborn Wizard.
  • Now go to the Build Folder.
  • Here locate Nefarious Build by scrolling down. (Nefarious Lite Recommended)
  • Open the Nefarious Build and perform the complete installation.

The build will download some files which will consume some time. Once the download and installation of Nefarious Build are completed, you need to restart your Kodi system for the installation to save data on the device. Upon relaunching Kodi the Nefarious Build will automatically be activated.

This article contains information regarding the method to Install the Nefarious Kodi Build. If you have any questions. then ask here in the comment section. That’s all, Thank you.

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