Fix: Error Joining Multiplayer Session on Steam [2021]

There’s no fun in playing alone, that’s why players prefer to launch multiplayer sessions. Because the opportunity of socializing with fellow gamers is more fun. Though, there are users who are irritated by the Error Joining Multiplayer Session on Steam. If you are also facing this issue on your Windows PC, read the following section.

4 Ways to Fix Error Joining Multiplayer Session on Steam

Users are required to perform various workarounds to bypass this Steam Error Joining Multiplayer Session. Because the error can reside within the program’s and system’s files. So it would be better to perform the solutions that helped other users. I have gathered information from the Steam community and Reddit forums to deliver the following fixes.

1. Repair Microsoft .Net Framework

To use Steam on Windows PC, ensure that the installed .net framework is fully functional. Because without such a facility, you will not be able to enjoy your desired games on your computer. And if you have installed it on your device and are still bothered by this issue, you are in need of repairing such files.

  • Visit the Microsoft Store and download the Microsoft .NET Framework repair tool. (file name: NetFXRepairTool.exe)
  • After downloading the required file, launch it and follow the onscreen prompts to run it.Steam Error Joining Multiplayer Session
  • Once the repair tool has performed the required operations, reboot your PC.
  • Now, relaunch Steam and check if the issue is resolved or not.

2. Clear Cache Files

It may sound odd, but some of the client’s and game files can trouble you during a multiplayer session on Steam. You can remove such junk files from your system, so you don’t have to feel bothered by any errors caused due to cache memory. Follow these steps to clear steam and game cache from your system.

  • Press Windows + E keys to open File Explorer.
  • Navigate to the following path:
    • C:\Users\DELL PC\AppData\Local
  • Locate and delete the Steam folder.Error Joining Multiplayer Session
  • Do the same with the problematic game’s folder.
  • Restart your PC.

3. Prefer Premium VPN Services

In case you have enabled free VPN on your computer, it’s time for you to remove it. Because many famous games don’t allow users to mask their IP address while joining the servers. And, if you are a free VPN, it’s assumed that your proxy connection will be detected from the game’s algorithms.

And, if you are interested in using a VPN to play your favorite game, you should prefer using a premium VPN. Some examples are NordVPN, ExpressVPN, CyberGhost, and ProtonVPN. You can use any of these VPNs to enjoy your gameplay because now, the game servers will not be able to detect your actual IP.

4. Tweak Account Privileges

Some systems allow the game to store the cache memory of your games. And while such is stored on your device, it can mess around with the game you are trying to launch currently. You need to command your system to stop storing the unrelated data, that’s troubling your games with multiplayer sessions.

  • Launch File Explorer and navigate to Documents >> My Games.
  • Right-click on folders with names like packageddumps, moduserdat, logs, or dumpgs.
  • Click on the Properties option.
  • Navigate to the Security tab and choose your group username.
  • Click on the Edit button and on the next window, select a username.
  • Check the Deny box beside the Full Control option.Error Joining Multiplayer Session on Steam
  • Click on the Ok button.
  • Do the same for all the folders and groups.

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