How to Check CPU Temperature on Windows 11 Computer

Keep checking and frequently monitor CPU temperature on your PC for optimum performance and computer health.

CPU or you say a processor is the heart of the computer. If there is something necessary to use a computer then it will be the CPU. It is the one thing that makes your computer work. So, it is necessary to take care of the CPU. Otherwise, you can face loss like recently my cousin HP Envy Core i3 7th gen ProBook processor got burnt due to overheating. When you open too many tasks on your computer it directly burdens your computer. Due to alot of burden your Laptop processor got heated up. In such a situation, you need to cool it down by closing the unnecessary tasks and chilling them up. There is one thing, how do you know that your Windows 11 PC Processor is overheating?

Check CPU Temperature on Windows 11

There is not a built-in option that warns you about the processor heating. Users can only check by keeping their hands on the back of the Laptop machinery. Let me tell you an experienced fact somehow, If your CPU is a victim of high temperature, like above 90°C for an extensive period of time it can damage or even destroy the CPU’s lifespan and performance. And one thing more, if processor burnt on a latest-generation computer, it will be unrepairable. So, it’s important to check your CPU Heath and Temperature on every Laptop session. 100° is the limit!

Ideal Temperature for CPU

The ideal temperature for the CPU on Windows 11 PC is 65 to 70 degrees, you can also consider it a limit. This is the temperature where the computer shows its best performance. If you are gaming on Laptop then it can go up to 80° after this limit the CPU will be at high risk. So, made sure to stop the activity. If you don’t have a separate cooling system for your PC like a separate Laptop size fan, then it’s a chance that the CPU heat up quickly.

If you haven’t maintained the thermal paste on your Processor timely. It can dry out and stop working or can even burn.

Don’t act like a mad animal, using a time limit for a device is a limit you don’t should cross. Like many of our friends use their laptops nonstop like for 10 hours or 12 hours doing gaming or streaming movies! Never do that, it can dangerous for you as well as your device processor.

How to Check CPU Temperature on Windows 11 PC

So, we have 2 options to check your Windows 11 PC CPU temperature. One is the stock option comes in every Laptop or Desktop either Windows 11 supported or lower version. In the stock method, we check the CPU Temperature of Windows 11 PC by accessing the System BIOS. Wait! You have to shut down your computer every time to check the CPU heating percentage! That’s not a good option, we need a tool that shows us the CPU temperature while we are working. So, we have to install a third-party app to check Windows 11 Computer CPU temperature.

These are some of the tools that you can choose to check CPU temperature on Windows 11 easily. Download and of this tool and you are good to check Windows 11 Laptop’s CPU temperature anytime you want. We have used the NZXT CAM before already. As the NZXT Cam is personally used and found reliable we recommend you to use NZXT CAM for your Windows 11 PC. Just a few clicks and you are ready to check your Laptop’s CPU temperature.

Installation: NZXT CAM for PC

Double-click on the downloaded NZXT-CAM-Setup.exe to run the installer. Now the software will start the automatic installation of this tool after a few seconds.


It is not necessary at all but you can Sign-Up or Log in to your NZXT account. Select the ‘Continue in Guest Mode’ option below the ‘Sign Up’ and ‘Log In’ buttons.

CPU Temperature on Windows 11

After that, a dialog box labeled ‘Legal’ will come up. Check the box that says ‘I have read and agree to NZXT’s…..’ and click on the ‘Confirm’ button.

CPU Temperature on Windows 11

Another dialog box will appear on your Windows 11 PC, After that and ask you to rate the software. You can provide a rating if you wish or close the dialog box by clicking on the ‘X’ located on the top-right corner of the dialog box.

CPU Temperature on Windows 11

After you close all dialog boxes you will be on the main menu of NZXT CAM. Now you will be able to see the temperature of your CPU listed on top in the CPU section.

CPU Temperature on Windows 11

That is the best way to check your Windows 11 Laptop CPU Temperature.

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