Change Default Search Engine in Brave Browser [2021 Tutorial]

A default search engine is designated in each web browser. Brave operates similarly, and sets a default search engine, without any questions asked. It is undoubtedly the securest web browser, that’s why the developers have introduced Brave search, which is now selected as a default search engine.

Several users are happy with the new development, but some are not happy, because they still prefer to use other engines like Google Search and Bing. So if you are one of such users who wish to Change Default Search Engine in Brave Browser, this post can help you claim such a reward.

How Do I Change Default Search Engine in Brave Browser?

The procedure of changing the default search engine differs on computers and smartphones. So I will be teaching you to perform this process on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS devices. You can select whatever method meets your requirements. And, I will try to keep my guidance as simple as possible.

Using Brave for Windows, Mac, and Linux

Even the Brave search is selected by default by the browser developers, they are providing the option of changing it. So you can still select Google or DuckDuckGo search engines if you are not interested in benefiting from the built-in services.

Step 1: With the Brave web browser launched, navigate to the brave://settings/ URL to launch the browser settings.Change Default Search Engine

Step 2: Select the Search engine tab from the left pane. Now from the Search engine used in the address bar dropdown menu, select your desired search engine. All the famous search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, Ecosia, etc are available in the list.Change Default Search Engine in Brave Browser

Step 3: In case the required search engine isn’t available in the list, click on the Manage search engines option.Change Brave Search Engine

Step 4: On the next tab, beside the Other search engines category, click on the Add button. So you can start to manually configure your desired search engine.

Step 5: A configuration popup will start to appear on the screen, asking you to enter the required details like Name, Keyword, and URL.

Example: If you are willing to add a search engine, let’s just say Wolffarm, that’s how you will have to do it. Enter the name as Wolffarm and add a keyword of your choice. Now here’s the tricky part, instead of simply entering,, you will be required to type “”Change Brave Search Engine

Step 6: After providing the righteous details, click on the Add button. Now the added search engine will start to appear inside the Other search engines section. Your job is to click on the three-dotted icon and select Make Default to complete the task.

Using Brave for Android and iOS

Smartphone users are also now forced to use the default search engine as Brave. But they are also given the option of customizing such a facility by implying a simple set of instructions.

  1. After launching Brave on your smartphone, click on the three-dotted icon and select Settings from the appearing menu bar.
  2. From the appearing options, select Search engines
  3. Navigate to your desired tab, i.e; Private tab or Standard tabChange Default Search Engine in Brave Browser
  4. Now select your preffered search engine for Private and Standard tabs individually.

Keep Using Prefered Search Engine in Brave

That should be all for now on the topic of helping you to Change Default Search Engine in Brave Browser. If you didn’t like the Brave search engine at all, you can share your opinion with customer support. Else, simply use the above-drafted guide to change it any time your desired search engine, so you can make the most out of the internet world.

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