Windows 11: How to Change Country in Microsoft Store

Nationalism is not like racism but there is a bit of discrimination in it.  Even the technology is not saved from this. Till now, all the Smartphones, laptops, Hardware, and Software developers still develop some of their products separately or, display them separately. If you want a prominent example, We have an Android Google Play Store. Open Google Play Store using any Asian State location. After that, open Google Play using the USA location. You will see alot of difference in the categories in the availability. Even the display is different, movies and books are available on pricetag or limited time rent.

Similarly, we have an example of the Microsoft Store. The Windows giant has different displays and products for each country. Because some products are regionally restricted they don’t work outside the region. Especially there are alot of services that are only available on US Microsoft Store. That’s why every non-US Microsoft Windows user looks up to US Microsoft Store.

How to change Country on Microsoft Store

You need to go to the Language and region settings in order to change the country in Microsoft Store.

1. So, First, you need to launch the Settings menu. You can press Windows + I to open the Setting menu Or, you can also go to the Windows search and type the settings, press Enter.

Change Country in Microsoft Store

2. Click on ‘Time & language’ to get to the region settings from the left panel. Select ‘Language & region’ from the right panel.

Change Country in Microsoft Store

3. Scroll down to explore the available regions option. Under the Region section, you will see a setting labeled as Country or region with a drop-down menu. You will see a vast containing every country where Microsoft Store services are available.

4. Click on that drop-down menu and select the new country region from the list.

Change Country in Microsoft Store

5. After you have changed the region the Microsoft Store will refresh itself and you can confirm the region change by looking at the currency that is being shown for paid apps. You can see here that it has been changed to USD.

Change Country in Microsoft Store

Note: When you will change your Microsoft Store location, It will directly affect some of the payment methods. They might not be available anymore and you will no longer pay with your local currency. This does not apply to free applications.

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