12 Best Unique Windows 11 Themes For Your Desktop

Finally, several developers have come forward to deliver Windows 11 Themes. Users can use such skins to change the look of their Windows 11 desktop depending upon their requirements. So I have listed some of the unique themes to help you make the most of the latest Microsoft operating system.

List of Best Windows 11 Themes

Here’s the list of best Windows 11 Themes that you can enjoy on your PC and Laptop. Some of the premium themes are paid, but they also contain a lite version. I will provide the links to themes and skins that you can download for your Windows 11 device. You can download any theme you find compelling.

1. Ubuntu Light SkinPack

Ubuntu Light SkinPack

Many individuals connect Ubuntu with their Windows 11 devices. Such users find difficulty when they have to face a different OS, so they can now get Ubuntu Light SkinPack for their convenience. Both premium and lite versions are available, you can download the lite version if you want to get it for free.

Once you have successfully installed the theme, the activities bar starts to appear on the left and the desktop icons on the right. You will encounter the same environment that you get to claim while using Ubuntu Linux.

Download Ubuntu Light SkinPack

2. Mountain Dwellings

Mountain Dwellings

Mountain Dwellings theme is offered for people who are interested in setting nature wallpaper for Windows 11. It gives you a premium look and you can get it directly from the Microsoft Store. This singular theme consists of 12 images that you get to set depending upon your requirements.

After downloading this theme, you will have to set it as your current theme. For that, you can navigate to the Personalization settings and select it to start enjoying it.

Download Mountain Dwellings

3. MacOS Monterey SkinPack

MacOS Monterey SkinPack

The name of this theme is quite self-explanatory. Users get to enjoy the MacOS Monterey premium look on their Windows 11 PC and Laptop. As it is a SkinPack, you get to enjoy the icon pack and premium wallpapers. Some intriguing features that you get to enjoy using are the popup tabs and the taskbar icons in the middle.

Download MacOS Monterey SkinPack

4. 3D Windows 11 Theme

3D Windows 11 Theme

This 3D Windows 11 Theme is unique, thanks to its pack of 17 different wallpapers. However, you don’t get to claim the icon packs or any further skins, but you do get to set some fascinating 3D Wallpapers on Windows 11 desktop. To start enjoying your Windows 11 desktop like a pro.

Download 3D Windows 11 Theme

5. Nightfall Camo Special Edition

Nightfall Camo Special Edition

One of the best Windows 11 themes is Nightfall Camo Special Edition. It gives you the premium and is officially offered by Microsoft. So you can download it directly from the Microsoft Store, without having to pay a single dollar. Similarly, you can select it as your default theme whenever you feel like it.

Download Nightfall Camo Special Edition

6. Up In The Sky

Up in the sky

Up In The Sky makes you remember the time when you use to travel freely. You can get the theme from Microsoft Store and afterward, start to enjoy 16 different wallpapers depending upon your mood. Such a collection contains views of the runway, plane’s window, and much more.

Download Up In The Sky

7. River Roll On Premium

River Roll on Premium

If you want to set 4K nature wallpapers on Windows 11 desktop, you will like River Roll On Premium. Because it contains more than 5 wallpapers and you can get it from the Microsoft Store. There’s no need of paying a single penny, you will enjoy every element of the theme.

Download River Roll On Premium

8. Night Skies Premium

Night Skies PREMIUM

The variety of wallpapers available in Night Skies Premium is quite dazzling. With this theme, you get to collect 20 4K wallpapers and you are not asked to pay any real money. You can simply get it from the Microsoft Store and set any one of the 4K wallpaper of objects like Sky, Stars, Moon, etc.

Download Night Skies Premium

9. Windows Throwback

Windows Throwback

The Windows Throwback theme allows you to enjoy the retro environment on your Windows PC. You get to collect more than 9 premium wallpapers for your computer, containing floppy disk, CD, older Windows interface, etc. This theme is also available on Microsoft Store and you can get it for free.

Download Windows Throwback

10. MacOS Leopard SkinPack

MacOS Leopard SkinPack

In case you are interested in using the macOS theme pack but want it to be slightly different from Monterey, MacOS Leopard SkinPack is just the right theme for you. Not only it changes your wallpaper, but also provides the luxury of enjoying the premium environment. It changes every tab and icon pack.

Download MacOS Leopard SkinPack

11. Bridges In Autumn

Bridges in Autumn

This theme is offered for the fans of the Autumn and fall seasons. Because it contains 13 unique nature wallpapers that also change the color of the Windows 11 environment. You can enjoy folder navigation with various natural colors after getting it directly from the Microsoft Store.

Download Bridges In Autumn

12. Chicks And Bunnies

Chicks And Bunnies

The Chick and Bunnies theme is for people who want to look at pictures of cute chicks on their desktops. With this theme, individuals can get a package of 14 wallpapers for Windows 11. Gladly, the theme is available for free on Microsoft Store. And to be honest, for me, that’s a stress-release theme.

Download Chicks And Bunnies

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