Android 12 Battery Draining Issue – Fixes for Google Pixel Devices

We are going to deal with Android 12 Battery Draining Issue. In just 15 minutes your Google Pixel battery drain after Android 12 issue can be fixed.  Android 12 is the newest edition to the Android family, now it’s the third decade of the Android Kingdom over the smartphones world. Since the beginning, Android is the most user-friendly OS. No other OS offers such level of customization and modifications which Android too. This positivity and independence become negativity sometimes for users.

Android 12 Battery Draining

Due to a lot of changes some serious issues arrises with the software that also causes some hardware problems. One of the most common examples of issues is Battery Drain. Include the fact that it is not an iPhone still its battery drains a lot, that’s the weird moment.

We have seen a lot of complaints from many Pixel users in different tech communities. All of them have 2 major complaints, one is the battery not charging beyond 80% and the second is the pixel’s quick battery drain after the Android 12 Update.

How to Fix Android 12 Battery Drain Issues

Well, if the battery drain problems start after the Android 12 update specifically! it is surely a software bug or, it allows the apps to continuously run in the background. So, we are going to solve this issue with our simple DIY tricks. These solutions, tweaks, checkpoints whatever you say work 99% of the time to fix the issue successfully.

1. Exit all Apps

If All apps are running in the background, there might be more battery consumption. To save your device’s battery from getting consumed by the unused apps, exit all apps from recent tabs. This will allow your device to work appropriately and save battery timing of your device.

To exit All Apps properly properly, go to your Recents tab. Now remove the unwanted apps by swiping left or right. Once the apps are removed from background processing, the action made will help you fix Android 12 Battery Draining issue.

2. Force Stop All Apps and Reboot your device

Clear all recent tabs on your phone (Double press the home button or, tap on the tabs icon on layout). Tap on Close All!

1. Reboot the app and check it works or not! I don’t then follow the sequence below.

2. Settings > Apps > Force Stop all apps that are running.

3. Reboot the app again, hopefully, it will work fine.

3. Restart your device once

On the last try, users must reboot their phone once for the last confirmation. If this solution can’t fix the Android 12 Battery Drain issue then nothing can.

1. Press and hold the Power button.Tap on Restart.

2. In some phones, user’s need to go

3. Press and hold the Power + Volume down buttons.

4. Tap on the restart and wait for the complete reboot.

5. After the phone restart uses the app again, hopefully, the Instagram not Working issue will be rectified now.

That’s the last solution which you can try to fix Android 12 Battery Drain or other issues.

4. Uninstall and Re-Enable Android System WebView

Android System Webview is not so much stable in Android 12 and there are alot of complaints. The developers are currently working in order to solve the issues. Meanwhile the unofficial software developers and tech experts managed to overcome the Android System WebView issue at their on. The trick is very simple, uninstall Android System Webview and than re-enable it. This will help you to fix Android 12 Battery Draining issues.

1. On your Android 12 Smartphone, go to the Settings menu.

2. Tap on Apps and then Select All apps.

3. Go to the app store page for Android System WebView, there should be a link from its settings page.

4. Then select ‘Uninstall’ and wait for a few seconds, Once done! Tap on Enable and it will work right away.

There is a 90% chance that your Pixel Battery Drain issue after Android 12 Update will get fixed quickly.

5. Contact Support

If all of the aforementioned solution are failed to fix the Android 12 Battery Drain issue, only Google can help you now. You need to contact the Google support and tell them about the issue. Also, if you are using the Google Pixel 6, your device is under warranty. You can get your device checked at any nearby Google Store. If anyone of you think that battery drain is the hardware malfunction than contact official technician nearby.

Other Phones!

Android 12 is still not launched on smartphones other than Pixel phones. It will arrive soon! If you are using the Android 12 on your non Pixel phone, it means its the Beta version. If anyone of the Samsung, Oneplus, Vivo or other phone users face battery Drain on Android 12, they have to exit the beta program. Till the final Android 12 update they should keep using the Android 11 phones.

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